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  • Everyday Adventures on a South Dakota Cattle Ranch
    This ranch wife is a personal friend of mine so I know she's got some good stuff to share! Not only is she a ranch wife and mom of 2, she's also a nurse and up and coming photographer. Check out life in South Dakota!
  • Life at the Rough String
    This ranch wife is in eastern Oregon and is all things Horses! Stop in and say Hi!
  • 10-7 Ranch Blog
    Follow Lana as she trains stock dogs and plays with sheep!
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    The daily life of another Wyoming Mom!
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    Laura Hicks is a South Dakota Ranch Wife, living Life in God's Country!
  • Sitting in the pasture...
    I think I will choose to be just, Sitting in the Pasture -- Ryan Goodman
  • Beef On A Budget
    Holy Yummyness Batman! Haven't come across anything on here that isn't worth making!
  • Agriculture Proud
    Agriculture, it's more than a part of life, it's a passion, a lifestyle, a resilient community that works hard to feed the world! -- Ryan Goodman

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  • Pure Fusion
    I love this lady! This is a new LOCAL business that deserves a look. They have everything from ranch signs to candle holders. It's even a one stop shopping since you can pick out candles to go with them! Tell them I sent ya!
  • Opal Moon
    We first ran into Evelyn in Gunnison, CO. She's truely a writing inspiration. "Because cows don't care what day it is..."
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Gorgeous photo!! Did you ever get ahold of the gal from the ranchgirl09 blog?

The Ranch Wife

BK- glad to see you back! Yes I did, thanks. By the way, I just got the Canon 55mm-250mm. I love it, but it will take some getting used to. I did like being able to take a pic of snow covered horses without going out into the sideways falling snow AND walking through the bulls who have already expressed their lack of friendliness to me! So that was nice! I'm sure you'll love yours too! =)

Nancy @The Wife of a Dairyman

Beautiful photo! Great for you to post a bucket list! I hope you reach every one of your goals in the coming year. Happy New Year!


What a Great list!!! And if we lived closer I would so go on the camping trip:) I can't wait to see the results of this list, I am sure they will be amazing. I love the picture and you really are a talented photographer.

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